Mechanically, the BajaBoard hand controller is operated with the familiar finger trigger.  This enables a high level of responsiveness for off-road riding.

Functionally, the BajaBoard hand controller is in a league of its own.  In addition to the standard power settings of regular electric skateboards, the BajaBoard offers a whole swathe of additional functions.  

Even electronic differential and traction control.


POWER:  Adjust power output and top speed

BRAKE:  Adjust maximum braking strength

PARKING BRAKE:  Leave your board on a hill

CRUISE CONTROL:  When you can't be bothered with the trigger

ECO-MODEL:  Switch in two wheel drive (G4X only) for extra range

E-DIFF:  The ONLY board in the world to feature Electronic Differential
TCS:  The ONLY board in the world with Traction Control
LIGHTS:  Adjust brightness of your lights
WIRELESS:  Encrypted signal between board and controller
ODOMETER:  Keep track of riding distance, top speeds, and average speeds