Q1. How fast can you go?

Top speed is 50km/h or 31mi/h. You can also limit the top speed to 10 different levels through the controller. The lowest level is approximately 2km/h-1.2mi/h.

Q2. How do you slow down?

To slow down, you simply need to press the trigger brake on the controller. With all wheel drive, braking is evenly distributed across the wheels which makes braking feel very smooth. Maximum braking is very strong, so get ready to hold on!

Q3. Can you coast and can you push with your feet?

You can coast on the BajaBoard when you are at speed or coming down a hill. The board isn't designed to be pushed by feet - we made an e-board so you didn't have to do this.

Q4. How does the BajaBoard compare to other e-boards?

Comparing the BajaBoard to other electric boards, is like comparing a full suspension mountain bike to a standard road bike. Both serve their particular purpose. Whilst the BajaBoard is designed for full off-road riding, it can easily handle tarmac. Other e-boards are not designed to be taken off-road unless you consider short lawn grass "off-road".

Q5. Is the BajaBoard waterproof?

The BajaBoard has been made water resistant, so you can certainly ride on wet surfaces. However, it is not waterproof, so we recommend not riding into deep puddles, soft snow, or heavy rain. The main thing to remember is make sure you dry it all off after it gets wet to prevent rust.

It's also good to note that at times it's not the water we're concerned with, it's the debris left inside once the water has dried up - just make sure you clean your board well.

Q6. Can I ride the BajaBoard on the beach?

Yes you can ride on the beach, as you might have seen was doing donuts in the sand on our videos. As mentioned above however, don't ride it in the water, and don't ride it on soft sand. Hard sand is perfect for riding.

Just make sure you look after your board after you ride at the beach. Salt isn't very nice to metal!

Q7. What terrain can I ride on?

We've ridden it on dried river beds, farm paddocks, tall grass bushlands, and sometimes, even over a patch of tarmac, oh and the beach! For debris tennis ball sized or under, the board will ride over easily. For larger obstacles, proceed with caution; remember, you ride at your own risk.

Q8. Can I upgrade power?

Unless you plan on using the BajaBoard as a tow-truck, there's probably more power than you'll ever use. It's one of the most powerful e-board on the market. If you do want to customized upgrades, contact us directly, and we'll talk you through the practicalities.

Q9. What tricks can I do on it?

With suspension, the BajaBoard behaves more like a car. Instead of thinking typical skateboard tricks like kick-flips, think more off-road rally drifting and donuts.

Q10. Is it road legal?

Whether you can ride the BajaBoard on the road will depend on your local laws. In many countries and cities, electric skateboards are not road legal. We advise you to check your local laws before riding it in the streets. BajaBoard takes no responsibility if you ride on the road.

Q11. Why don't you do a weight sensing control? Lean forward to go forward, lean back to brake.

Riding off-road requires constant shifting of weight and feathering of throttle. We've designed the board to be responsive to the way you ride, it's more fun!

Q12. Are the batteries interchangable?

It takes a bit of work to change the batteries (like changing a battery in the car) so you wouldn't do this while you are out riding; they are not considered quick change.

It only makes sense to change the batteries if you either want to upgrade or when they reach the end of their life.

Q13. How long does it take to charge the board?

It takes approximately 2.5 to 3 hours to fully charge the board.