BajaBoard started as a hobby project in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia.

At that time, e-boards were on the rise, and being referred to as “last-mile” commuting devices. With the legality of e-boards on roads being questionable at the best of times, a trio of Melbourne engineers decided to create a machine that would take themselves off the beaten path. The whole thing started, as so many projects do, in the home garage.

Developing the BajaBoard was like trying to fit an off-road car under a snowboard. It wasn’t just a matter of putting fat tires onto a skateboard – everything was designed from the ground up, including riding dynamics. The board handles partly like a snowboard and partly like a motorbike.

Given it was the first to introduce chassis and suspension design, the BajaBoard engineering, prototyping, and testing process was a long one. After numerous iterations, the first BajaBoard was delivered to early adopters in August 2015. Based on feedback from the field, design has been continuously improved on, bringing about the G4 in 2016.

Today, BajaBoard consists of a tight knit core team supported by strong partnerships in manufacturing and distribution.